Top Local Artist of 2014: Number 4

  1. Towers and Trees at the BC Legislature: Montreal & Devil On The Highway (July 1, 2014)

How much do people love Towers and Trees? The band started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $4,500 for their full-length album and wound up exceeding that goal in one day. By the end of their campaign, they raised almost THREE TIMES that amount. This goes to show how supportive people are to this talented group of people.

While the band has been busy recording their new album for most of the year, they were asked to perform in front of the BC Legislature on the Main Stage at the Canada Day celebrations, a great honour for any band.

Video from this performance was never released before. Funny thing about this video, at the end when the band’s drummer, Jesse, threw his drumsticks into the crowd as the end of the song, one of them wound up hitting me right in the leg. That’s some good aim.

Towers and Trees:

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