Top Local Artist Moments of 2013 – Number 9

9. The Roper Show at Upstairs Cabaret: Yukon Girl (Friday, November 8, 2013)

The Roper Show was one of those local acts that I had known for some time, but for one reason or another, had never seen them before. The Roper Show’s bluesy style of music got even more recognition this year as he was named one of The Zone 91.3’s band of the month this year. Had the pleasure of seeing him three times this year, all in completely differently settings. First it was at a intimate acoustic setting at Victoria House Concert B where he kept the audience glued to their seats for 3+ hours, then at the Bayview Roundhouse Centennial Celebration opening for Big Sugar, and finally rocking the crowd at Upstairs Cabaret for the first Zone Band of the Month showcase. That last show was the toughest for me to film of The Roper Show, because no matter where I was, there was no one standing still when The Roper Show was on stage.

To see more videos from this show, click HERE

The Roper Show:

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