Top Local Artist Moments of 2013 – Number 1

1. Sam Weber at the Market Square Courtyard Sessions: Burn Out (August 3, 2013)

If you’re a frequent concert goer in the local music scene, you probably have seen Sam Weber before in some capacity. Sam can be usually seen playing guitars or on keyboard for other Victoria acts such as Chris Ho or Dougal Bain McLean. In 2013, he started to receive some of the spotlight himself with the release of his solo EP, ‘Shadows in the Road’ this past Summer which was my favorite release this year. One of those albums you go back to and re-listen over and over again.

I was out of town for his CD release show but managed to see him a few days before at Market Square at the Courtyard Sessions. Personally, outdoors venues are the best for me when recording videos. Lighting is never as issue and the background visuals give the videos a different taste than the usual black background behind the musicians at bars or clubs.

For more videos from this show, click HERE

Sam Weber:


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